Information Security

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Phishing Alerts

Listed below are the latest phishing scams that have been acted upon by Information Security. Think you’ve received a phishing email? Don’t click it, report it.

Email Scam (May 20, 2017): “Email Alert !!!”

Subject: Email Alert !!! Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 18:21:35 +0000 From: "Shauna McInnes" Urgent technical notification to all Employee,Faculty & Staff. An account submission routine is in schedule this is as a result of unidentified activity in our database. kindly click...

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Security News

Check here for the latest security alerts that may affect you.

Vulnerability Alert: Meltdown and Spectre

What is Meltdown and Spectre? You may have heard about Meltdown and Spectre in the news these past few days. There is a lot of confusing information out there since these vulnerabilities were revealed to the public much earlier than anticipated - so we're going to...