Information Security Training and User Guides

Information Security Training

The University’s Information Security Training course “Core Security Awareness” provides guidance to help you remain safe while using the internet and the University’s networks and systems. Security training is important as awareness and understanding improves day-to-day decisions-making which can lessen your chances of falling victim to ransomware attacks, phishing scams, hacking, and the like. This ultimately better protects everyone at the University and decreases the chances of data loss, ransom for restored rights, or other breaches.To access your assigned courses, login to the Information Security Training portal

Internet of Things Guidance

The Information Security team has published a guide describing security best practices for Internet of Things devices and a process for assessing the risks of deploying an Internet of Things device.

More guides and content are in development! In the meantime, you can browse the knowledge base to learn more about a range of security-related topics.