Date: Saturday, April 28, 2024 19:19 PM (note: date and time may vary)
Subject: Critical: Potential Chickenpox Exposure at The University of Chicago


We regret to inform you that a staff member who recently returned from a vacation in Africa has been diagnosed with chickenpox. In response, we are collaborating with the CDC on contact tracing efforts to prevent any further spread of the virus.

For your safety and well-being, it is imperative to determine whether you have had close contact with this individual. To aid in this process, we have established a dedicated webpage with pertinent information and photographs of the staff member.

Please review this information as soon as possible by clicking on the following link: [Access Staff Information].

Confidentiality Notice: This message is intended only for those who may have been in close proximity to the affected individual. We ask you to maintain the confidentiality of this matter and refrain from sharing or forwarding this message.

If, after visiting the webpage, you believe you have been in close contact with the staff member, please contact us immediately at 773-702-1234 or via email at If you do not believe you have been in close contact, please disregard this message and delete it.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important health matter.


The University of Chicago

Health Care Center
5727 S University Ave
Chicago, IL 60637