Fall Shred Fest Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2023 IT Services Fall Shred Fest a success! This event was open to the community and served as our kickoff to Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an annual initiative aimed at promoting awareness and education in cybersecurity. Within three hours, 228 people from the community donated books and shredded documents and e-waste. Below is a snapshot, highlighting the environmental impact we made by securely shredding personal documents, destroying e-waste, and donating books.

Figures show how much was saved by recycling, rather than creating a new product via manufacturing.

4,050 pounds of paper collected

14,175 gallons of water saved

8,303 kilowatt hours of energy

2.03 tons recycled

375 gallons of gas saved

327 books and CDs donated

4 pallets of e-waste collected

122 pounds of air pollution

55 items - Extraction & Destruction

34 trees saved

6.68 cubic yards of landfill space