From: microsoft0ffice com Administrator <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 4, 2019 2:10 PM
Subject: Identity Confirmation Request from

Confirmation to add your email account as an indentity!

Dear Microsoft,

You have received this email because has added your email address as an identity. This feature allows to send emails as

To authorise this request, click on the link below:

NOTE: If the link appears to be broken, try copying and pasting it into a new browser window.

The identities feature only allows to send emails on your behalf, it DOES NOT allow the user access to your mailbox in any manner.

Whether or not you approve this request, you are not required to enter your email password at any stage.

If you do not wish to authorise, simply ignore this mail. You need not take any further action.


This is an auto-generated email. Please do not reply.