From: <varies>
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 9:45 PM
Subject: <username> – <password>

It seems that, <redacted>, is your password. You may not know me and you’re probably thinking why you are getting this e-mail, correct?

In fact, I placed a malware on the adult videos (pornography) web site and do you know what, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching video clips, your web browser initiated working as a RDP (Remote control Desktop) having a key logger which gave me access to your display screen and webcam. after that, my software collected your complete contacts from your Messenger, FB, and email.

What exactly did I do?

I made a double-screen video. 1st part shows the video you were watching (you have a nice taste lol . . .), and second part shows the recording of your cam.

exactly what should you do?

Well, I believe, $1900 is a fair price tag for our little secret. You will make the payment by Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, search “how to buy bitcoin” in Google).

BTC Address: <redacted>
(It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it)


You now have one day to make the payment. (I’ve a specific pixel in this message, and at this moment I know that you have read this email message). If I do not get the BitCoins, I will send out your video recording to all of your contacts including friends and family, colleagues, etc. Nonetheless, if I receive the payment, I will destroy the video immidiately. If you want evidence, reply with “Yes!” and I will certainly send your video to your 7 friends. This is a non-negotiable offer, thus please don’t waste my time and yours by responding to this email.